2017 12 18 - REDSTONE_FINAL_3.jpg

Arrive at Redstone Way

This is a 92-unit townhouse project for Partners Development in the community of Redstone, Calgary.

To distinguish the units from one another on what was a relatively flat parcel, each unit was slid along the adjacent unit by 1’-9”. As well, the units in the middle of each block were lifted out of the ground by a foot. By further individuating each unit through colour, the project became a heterogeneous series of townhouse buildings made up of unique residences.

That said, the project is very efficient from a construction and cost perspective, having with four unit types and a limited range of exterior materials. The unit sizes range from 1,179 to 1,294 sq ft, and there are both two and three bedroom floorplans. Every unit comes with a basement.

This project distinguishes itself by having high-quality, low-maintenance materials such as James Hardie fibre cement board siding, MAC Architectural Metal (Norwood and Versa series) metal siding, and black metal clad, triple-glazed windows.

Architecture: Gravity Architecture
Development: Partners
Rendering: Phrame
Exterior Photography: Gary Campbell Photography