Meredith at Edmonton

Meredith at Edmonton

At Meredith Road and Edmonton Trail in Calgary, this mixed-use building delivers the urban density and diversity expected of this urban block in Bridgeland/Riverside community. However, it achieves this on a laneless site that is only 15.28m x 42.65m (0.65 ha).

The program includes an 11 residential units, including a penthouse suite for the owner, as well as office space on the second floor, retail on main, and one level of below-grade parking.

The massing was derived directly from the uses within the building. There is retail on main, and office space at the front of the second floor, while 11 residential units occupy the third and fourth floors, and the rear of the second floor. This split in uses suggested an angled fault line, below which the principal mass of the building was dissolved to reveal the glassy facade of the commercial uses. The residential uses above the fault line sit behind balconies eroded from the principal mass.

Because vehicular access is only available from Meredith Road, and there is no space on the site for a ramp, the garage had to be at grade at the south elevation. This meant that the retail space could not meet the sloped grade along Edmonton Trail, but rather had to be raised above the parkade. A cascading stairwell was added to the corner of the site to invite pedestrians up to the retail level where a raised sidewalk provides access to both the shops and the apartment lobby.

With the north and west facades of the building at the zero lot line, the flat, windowless walls needed to be addressed so that they would be attractive until such time as buildings were built adjacent.  This was achieved using corten steel sheets, which will rust in an interesting, variegated pattern. This material also appears to shield the residential portions of the building from the busy streets below.

Soffits and balconies are all lined with wood as an indicator of the warmth within the dwellings inside.

Creating the desired density on this small parcel required relaxations on parking and setbacks, and was only possible through collaboration with city planners and the community.

This project has received both Land Use and DP approval, and we are now in the process of creating the construction documents.

Architecture: Gravity Architecture
Rendering: Turbulent